I am now trained in the application of ‘gelish’ nails!

Gelish is a new amazing treatment offering the following benifits:

-Adds strength to the natural nails

-Causes no harm to the natural nails

-Soaks off easily

-Requires no infills

-Gives the just manicured look permanently!

-Available for fingers or toes

-Gelish last’s up to 21 days, will not smudge or chip and is dry instantly…NO DRYING TIME!!! Which means as soon as it has the top coat on it’s dry!

-No filing of your natural nail, just a light buff.

-Beautiful colours, this polish stays with a wet look glossy until soaked off!

-Removal of Gelish takes 15 minutes, just crumbles of the nails! Then your ready for another colour.
Gelish also offers an amazing strengthening treatment for natural nails, ideal for customers whose nails are extemly weak or have just had artifical treatments removed.

“Gelish structure” permanent stregthening treatment is the same as gelish (above) but includes amazing strength with NO lifting!

I work from Radiance Beauty and Day Spa, Upper Lisburn Road, Belfast on a Wednesday and Friday as a make-up artist and now as a gelish nail technician – why not treat yourself and book in with me for either a beautiful make-over or some fabulous nails today!!

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